Tent n’ Bag

Set up my tent to see how my sleeping bag will fit inside.  It’s cozy!  There’s some room to maneuver and the headroom will at least allow me to get get changed without too many contortions. My pack will have to remain outside in the vestibule. These are the limitations with a lightweight, single-person tent.

I start my hike in 7 days.


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6 Responses to Tent n’ Bag

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom…..this is awesome! Will definitely meet up with you when you hike through VA, just to hear about the adventure so far. If you need me to bring you anything at that point, just say the word! Good Luck! — Ron


  2. Allan says:

    Good Luck!


  3. Kathy Tirado says:

    Can’t wait to follow you on your trek!!! So proud if your journey! I wish I could do something like this myself! If I’m ever nearby when you get to this end, I’ll be happy to see you!


  4. jameslockman says:

    We’re waiting for you up here in Maine! See you this summer, man!


  5. I used a Six Moons Design Lunar Solo last year. Spacious for even myself (6’3″), generous vestibule for pack, boots, etc, bug proof, sets up in under 2 min, and very light! Tarp Tent makes great tents too. Take a gander at them for future hikes


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