Soup sandwich at Dulles Airport

Boarded on time at a very busy Dulles Airport. Captain tells us we are 500 lbs over the weight limit. Passengers begin to size each other up, calculating body mass and frequent flyer status. The 2 unlucky are chosen and culled from the herd. Apparently some bags were also sacrificed, including my backpack. So I’m now heading to the trailhead Hiker Hostel sans ALL my gear with hopes that it will be delivered later tonight. At this pace, I will arrive in Maine sometime around Thanksgiving.

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1 Response to Soup sandwich at Dulles Airport

  1. john daberkow says:

    True airline systems engineering intelligence at its best. Hope the backpack & gear are delivered without issue (or further delay). Only bright side, it does make for a good start to the trail stories. :o)


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