Finally hiking!

Today was a good start to my AT hike. The airport courier did not deliver my backpack in time for me to start the trail this morning. Instead, I “slack packed” the first 12 miles. I borrowed a daypack and water bottles from the Hiker Hostel. They dropped me off at Springer Mountain and then picked me up again at Cooper Gap, 12 miles later. I’ll spend the night in the hostel and restart my hike where I left off tomorrow.

It was a bluebird day for hiking. Shorts, t-shirt and warm sun. The miles were easy with a light backpack. My pack was delivered this afternoon so tomorrow’s hike will be decidedly different. Especially since we’re expecting rain.

Location: Cooper Gap, GA
Miles Hiked: 12.3
Miles Remaining: 2173.0

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3 Responses to Finally hiking!

  1. Tom, my son wants to know if you have a trail name?


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