Resupply nirvana

Dollar General is the hiker’s best friend. Cheap, high calorie, lightweight. Never before have I thought to myself “Ohhh. Macaroni and powdered cheese. Excellent!” My “hiker hunger” has not kicked in yet but I need to keep my weight up for the upcoming lean times.

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5 Responses to Resupply nirvana

  1. Probably jones’n for a Clif Bar and a Rip it, right?


  2. Kim says:

    Each time I reach for a whoopie pie, I too
    will say, “I have to keep up my weight for the upcoming lean times.” Thanks for this and your wonderful posts.


  3. Kaye Prejean says:

    And all this time, I thought the DG was just a south Alabama mini-mall. 😉 I’m glad you’re able to experience it–in a GOOD way!


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