Alone and unafraid

25 March 2014 (Day 21) – I camped alone last night for the first time. The shelter areas where I normally camp are currently filled with spring breakers who are not on the same sleep schedule as long distance hikers. So last night I chose a small clearing to pitch my tent, cooked dinner, hung my food bag (bear prevention), and was in my sleeping bag by 2000 hrs. At midnight, I peed under a cold, cloudless sky filled with millions of stars visible through the leafless trees. At 0300, I heard the first snowflakes begin to fall. By 0630, there was 6 inches of snow on the tent and I was preparing to hike one of my best days yet on the A.T. I made 6 miles of fresh tracks through some very pretty scenery. Quiet, peaceful, crisply cold. Perfect.





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9 Responses to Alone and unafraid

  1. Steven Pearson says:

    Sounds wonderful


  2. Julie M says:

    looks like Heaven!


  3. Stratton Moore says:

    Really beautiful:)

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  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Carla "Prada" Akers says:

    Isn’t your first night tenting alone magical! And the SOUND of crunching, fresh snow when you’re the first one up the trail… unforgettable! You’re lookin healthy and full of life my friend! HUGS Panzer!!!!!


  6. Waking up in the snow is always great, but downright magical if it wasn’t there when you went to sleep.


  7. André says:

    That’s sounds just amazing. You’ve inspired me to do a similar thing here in Sweden. Not as long as your hike but still a long walk. It’ll include some packrafting too.

    Keep posting and stay safe!


  8. Vickie says:

    You look very happy my friend!


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