Hostel living

23 March 2014 (Day 19) – Two miles North of GSMNP on the A.T. lies the Standing Bear Farm Hostel. Being the first hostel offering warm food, hot showers and dry beds after 70 miles in the Smokies, it is very popular with hikers. For $15, you get a bunk, shower with towel, use if the community kitchen and outhouse privileges. Clothes can be hand washed and dried in an electric dryer. Chickens, a hound dog, and cats are your free entertainment. There’s a 60’s commune vibe throughout. The owner, Rocket, couldn’t be friendlier and his hostel is a welcome refuge. Some pics of my stay:





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4 Responses to Hostel living

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a cool place to relax and rejuvenate!


  2. Carla "Prada" Akers says:

    Love it there! Love Rocket too!!! I’ve “made excuses” to go back and stay there three times now, haha, by taking small groups on short trips. Such a cool place. I’m glad you stopped and stayed. Hopefully you were able to cook one of their amazing ribeyes with eggs for breakfast!!!!! Safe travels trail brother!!!!!


    • Tom says:

      Standing Bear was cool. The dinner du jour was frozen pizzas cooked in his pizza oven. They came out looking great and tasted awesome.


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