My foot model days are over

Foot Update: I’ve had no more foot blisters since buying new hiking shoes in Franklin, NC. I have one blister which stubbornly refuses to heal, but it’s on my pinkie toe and is a nonissue when I hike. All other blisters have turned into calluses, which are not pretty, but provide great protection. It’s wonderful to hike without foot pain!



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4 Responses to My foot model days are over

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good grief! And what about the bookings for you as a model for men’s designer sandals in autumn?


  2. Kathrin Gralla says:

    sorry, this was Kathrin. Still fighting with wordpress on my computer…!


  3. Kaye says:

    Well, it was bound to happen…and one day it did. Sorry for the loss of your foot modeling dreams!


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