Thank you!

Thank you all for the views, likes, and comments. Knowing you’re all watching keeps me energized to complete this challenging hike.


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10 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Nan and Mac says:

    Mac and I are eagerly watching your progress….go Tom!


  2. You da man! We are all walking with you (virtually).


  3. Kurt and Shannon says:

    Shannon and I are with you! (In spirit of course). We’ve both concluded there is no way in hell we’d make it. We prefer to rough it with you on a catamaran in the B.V.I.! Go brother, go!


  4. Mark Keating says:

    Good to see you completed the Smokies. I have hiked that stretch many, many times. I love that park. Still want to know what your trail name is. You have to have one by this point.


    • Tom says:

      Trail name = Panzer. Unstoppable German after I get moving. “Tank” has been used a bunch so I took the German version.

      I’m happy I got through the Smokies when I did. The bubble behind me got stuck in Gatlinburg when they closed roads due to snow.


  5. Pat Ferguson says:

    I don’t know you but I do know your Mother and I am following you because I can’t walk the distance anymore, enjoy the trip and all that it offers, better weather is on the way, enjoy reading your experiences Pat Ferguson


  6. Anonymous says:

    As if you needed any more motivation…the Reunion info and sign-up email arrived a few days ago. See you in DE.



  7. Jackie says:

    You got this!!!


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