The Barn

1 April 2014 (Day 28) – The Overmountain Shelter at mile marker 383.1 is affectionately known as “The Barn”. Typically I prefer to sleep in my tent away from the trail’s shelters. The Barn, however, is well know for it’s spacious sleeping area and spectacular views. The weather was perfect as I watched the stars appear from the comfort of my sleeping bag. Being awakened by the rising sun is one of the special moments I will always remember from this adventure.

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4 Responses to The Barn

  1. Chris Galante says:

    Very cool….looking forward to seeing more pics like this. Sent $$ in for reunion this weekend. As it gets closer, we’ll see if it is better to meet on the PA or NJ side along I-80.



  2. Carla "Prada" Akers says:

    These two pics are my favorites you have posted so far. Really great! The sunrise from the Barn the most!!! Spectacular catch!


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