Virginia is for haters…of the TN mountains

6 April 2014 (Day 33) – I’m in Virginia! 4th State on this hike. It feels good to get out of the TN/NC mountains. The last 7 days have been good hiking. The weather has been better than average and allowed for some amazing sights. The Roan Mountain Highlands provided expansive views of the Pisgah National Forest. A stay at Bob Peeples famous Kincora hostel was worth the price of admission ($5 suggested donation). The hiker crowd was diverse, tired, and hungry. Bob entertained all with stories of hiking trails around the World and his experiences on the AT.

Virginia contains 25% of the AT’s 2185.3 miles so it will be a while before I see another State border. The good news is that the terrain flattens out significantly and the days are getting longer. This will translate into higher mileage per day. I look forward to connecting with friends in Northern Virginia.

Miles Hiked: 467.6
Miles Remaining: 1717.7
Current Location: Damascus, VA
Map Location:



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2 Responses to Virginia is for haters…of the TN mountains

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thomas, this is so exciting. You know Rebecca and I will connect with you. Any requests for edibles?


    • Tom says:

      At this point, I eat anything placed in front of me! My nutrition is terrible but I have to eat to keep up calories.

      Who wrote this comment?


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