Yesterday was a looooong day

16 April 2014 – I walked a 30 mile day yesterday. The day started nice enough with 64 degrees and sun. By 1500 it had rained, sleeted, hailed and snowed. The temperature dropped below freezing and the winds were whipping at 40 mph. I pushed hard to get to the Woods Hole Hostel. It’s amazing what a warm bed, hot shower, and non-freeze dried dinner will motivate someone to do. The hostel was wonderful! My next 30 mile day will be on a dry, warm day.

Current Location: Pearisburg, VA
Map Location:
Miles Walked: 631.3
Miles Remaining: 1554.0



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2 Responses to Yesterday was a looooong day

  1. Mike Topalian "Sherpa Mike" says:

    This is Mike Topalian. WA Class of ’80. We met at the Dairy Queen in Hiawassee, GA on 3/9 or thereabouts. I could only go to the NC Border and then had to head back to work. Glad to see you are slugging it out and having fun. If you encounter any of these folks, tell em I said hi. Gentle Spirit, Bright Side, Flipper, West, Rabbit, Moose, Owl Bear, Alex.

    Let me know when you hit the Whites. I have a place for you to stay in Lincoln, NH.


    • Tom says:

      Thanks, Mike. I remember meeting you. My hike is going well. I’ll keep a lookout for your friends and pass on a hello if I see them. I’m wishing we’d snapped a photo of us – it would have been a great shot for the Alumni news. Lincoln NH. Got it! Thanks!


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