Resupply in Daleville

21 April 2014 (Day 49) – I’m currently in Daleville, VA for the usual resupply, laundry, shower, real bed, and warm meals. The weather has been fantastic and the forecast calls for more of the same. My mileage has been increasing as the terrain gets flatter and my legs get stronger.

Current Location: Daleville, VA
Map Location:
Miles Hiked: 724.0
Miles Remaining: 1461.3

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11 Responses to Resupply in Daleville

  1. John Daberkow says:

    Looking great! It is truly enjoying to read your updates and hear about the experiences along the way. Safe travels one step at a time!


  2. RIck Whewell says:

    The beard is looking healthy. Looking forward to seeing the finished product at the end of the hike.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Meet you at Washington Monument State Park in Maryland. Let me know an ETA when you get closer. You are the MAN.


  4. Scott Fortier says:

    From Scott F by the way,


  5. Kurt says:

    Tommy, you are inspirational! Keep it up! Looking forward to reunion. A couple of questions: 1) How is your body changing? You’ve posted a lot on your feet, but how about your upper and lower body. I don’t see you posting about any trips to the gym! 2) How are you staying so well connected? Anything special you are doing for charging your equipment and connecting to internet? 3) How are you getting these awesome pictures of you? Other hikers taking them or do you have a camera crew with you :-)?


    • Tom says:

      Kurty, body is in sad shape. Legs are strong but upper body is losing mass. I’ve lost over 20 pounds and it had to come from somewhere. I’ve got some bruises and rubs from the pack, but not too bad.

      I’m using wifi whenever I can. Restaurants, stores, hotels, wherever. I rarely have good connectivity on the trail through my cell, so that’s why the updates come in spurts.

      There’s usually someone around to take a pic. If not, I have a mini tripod I can strap to a tree, rock, etc.

      Are you for sure coming to reunion? It would be great to see you there! I’m looking forward to a break from the trail and catching up with you.


  6. Peter Cronin says:

    Hi Tom: Just saw the promotion for your blog on the Worcester Academy Alumni News. So glad they promoted this and to know you are doing this. I will look forward to following your progress all the way to Maine. Travel safe.


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