Let’s talk poop – again.

28 April 2014 – In my previous discussion of ways to poop in the woods, I neglected to mention that you ALWAYS check the privy before entering. ‘Nuff said.



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5 Responses to Let’s talk poop – again.

  1. John Varljen says:

    I once used a privy late at night at a Boy Scout camp. I did not check the “hole” before I sat down and did my business. When I was done, I shone my flashlight into the hole and saw a Black Widow spider hanging less than an inch below where my balls had just been. Better to be lucky than good sometimes…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh hell no!


  3. John B still @ Falcatraz says:

    Yikes. Looks like crappy weather coming your way in a day or two.


    • Tom says:

      Yep. I’m taking a zero here in Waynesboro today. I’ll be back at it tomorrow in the rain.


      • John B still @ Falcatraz says:

        I think a Zero day today is a good idea. Harry kind of wishes he could do that trail but, knows he can’t. Have fun. John B.


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