Out of Virginia

8 May 2014 (Day 65) – I walked into my 5th State yesterday and will walk out of it later today. West Virginia has the least miles if any State on the A.T. I also passed 1000 miles on my way into Harpers Ferry. The halfway mark will come soon.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has its headquarters here in Harpers Ferry. It’s traditional to stop in, have you photo taken and be told what number thru hiker you are. I’m 72. Hundreds will come through over the course of the hiking season.

Current Location: Harpers Ferry, WV
Current Map Location:
Miles Walked: 1019.0
Miles Remaining: 1166.3

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5 Responses to Out of Virginia

  1. Patti Jurinski says:

    Congrats in hitting the halfway mark! Love your updates and am learning a lot about the AT/hiking sub culture. Are you on/behind/ahead of schedule?
    Keep it up! Living vicariously!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a lotta grey for someone who looks so young!


  3. Chris Rocchio says:

    You go Tom! You should be very proud of yourself with each day’s accomplishment!


  4. Peter says:

    Way to go Tom. We are following everything on your hike and are rooting you on!


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