West Virginia and Maryland – put a fork in ’em

11 May 2014 (Day 68) – I completed the West Virginia and Maryland sections of the trail. WV has about 4 miles of the AT and MD about 43. I’m now in Pennsylvania and will be for the next 12 days or so. 7 States down and 7 to go!


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5 Responses to West Virginia and Maryland – put a fork in ’em

  1. Keith & Lana says:

    Awesome, Tom!! We’re thinking about you! Hang tough 🙂


  2. Ah, into the state of my mother’s birth. Good job!


  3. Congratulations on Making to Harper’s Ferry (and PA) . If you can make it to Harper’s Ferry you can make it to Katahdin. You can eat your way through much of PA and pack light with food. You should plan on staying at the Allenbery in Boiling Springs, they have a hiker rate, check at the ATC center in town (right on the trail in town), the Allenbery has a great AYCE buffet supper and breakfast.


    • Tom says:

      Thanks, Chris. I did stay at the Allenbery. Since it was a Monday in early season, not everything was available. Nice place for reasonable rate.


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