May 17 2015 (Day 74) – I’m drying out in Hamburg, PA. The last 2 days were brutal for hiking. Heavy rain, slippery rocks, and flooded trail have conspired to make my hike eventful. Likewise, the dreaded Pennsylvania rocks have finally arrived – big, small, sharp, leaf covered, and interspersed with roots. They’ll slow my pace over the next week but it’s all part of the experience.

There’s a HUGE Cabela’s across the street. Hundreds of stuffed animals create a diorama where polar bears, moose and white tail deer live in harmony. They carry some hiking gear and I was happy to find replacement rain pants in a tall size.

Current Location: Hamburg, PA
Current Map Location:
Miles Hiked: 1213.7
Miles Remaining: 981.6

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7 Responses to Rocksylvania

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re doing great, Love reading your post.


  2. John Daberkow says:

    Agree, Posts have been great. Living the trail vicariously (for now)… Looks like I’ll be in the service for a few more years based upon selection. Happy continued trails!!!


  3. Mark Keating says:

    Worried about rain on my Leconte trip tonight. Bought a new Marmot jacket yesterday for it. My pants are still servicable. Low in the 40s. I think you did worse but I am not trail conditioned. Give me warmth.


    • Tom says:

      I hear you! I’m headed for an enclosed shelter tonight. I already sent my winter gear home so I’m looking for warmth!


    • Tom says:

      How was the overnight trip?


      • Mark Keating says:

        Low was 29 not 40s. Given that, I was never really uncomfortable thanks to my fleece sleeping bag liner. Awesome one nighter. Already planning a multi night trip later this summer. Thanks for inspiring me to get back into this. 100 mile wilderness next summer?


  4. John from PA says:

    Hope you had a chance to check out “The Pinnacle”. One of the best views in PA.


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