In Conneticut

29 May 14 – Quick update. I’m done with PA, NJ, and NY! CT will be done in 2 days. The weather has been good and the trail well maintained. 25 mile days have become the norm. I’ll post some highlights soon.

Current Location: Kent, CT
Map Location:
Miles Walked: 1463.2
Miles Remaining: 722.1

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6 Responses to In Conneticut

  1. Kaye says:

    That’s awesome Tom! 🙂


  2. Allan says:

    Was just thinking about you! Keep the press on!


  3. John Varljen says:

    Dude! Awesome effort. If I’m doing my math right, you’re now 2/3 done. I think this means you’re ahead of schedule.


    Sent from JV’s iPhone


  4. Kim says:

    Welcome to New England, Tom!!


  5. John B still @ Falcatraz says:

    Glad to see you resurface. Good job!


  6. Chris Galante says:

    Second package arrived; no problems. See you in Ithaca!


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