3 June 2014 (Day 91) – Hiked into Vermont today; the 12th State on this adventure. Nicknamed “Vermud” for the muddy areas I’ll be crossing, I will start climbing into the Green Mountains soon. I’m taking 4 days off the trail to attend my 25 year class reunion at Cornell over the weekend. I look forward to catching up with friends Chris Galante and Kurt Harendza, eating a lot, and resting my body after hiking 25+ miles per day over the last 5 days. First time I’ll drive a car since February. Which peddle makes the car go fast?

Current Location: Bennington, VT
Map Location:
Miles Hiked: 1607.1
Miles Remaining: 578.2

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13 Responses to Vermonster

  1. kennedy wilson says:

    Nice, Tom! Are you going to shave for the reunion?

    Major congrats to your accomplishment so far.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tom,
    I hope you will take advantage of our offer to stop by our house in Norwich, VT. You will walk right by. It is at Norwich that you will cross the CT River and take the AT into NH. We are at 261 Main. You will come down a very long hill on a blacktop road (Elm Street). At the end of the street the AT takes a right and we are down the block – the 3rd house on the right – called the “Middle Brick” by locals for reasons that will be obvious. If you can give us a time when you will be in the area, we will try to be available. You really should not go to a reunion without a shower. David & Mary Otto (also from Sprucewold).


    • Tom says:

      Dave & Mary, I will definitely stop by! Let me look at my schedule and I’ll let you know when I’ll be in the area. Thank you!

      I’m showered for reunion! Still look like a hobo with the beard, however.


    • Tom says:

      Dave/Mary, I’d love to visit you on my way through. Thanks for offering!

      I start back on the trail tomorrow morning (Monday). It is 134 miles to Norwich from Bennington. I should be there next weekend depending on trail conditions. I will contact you towards the end of the week with an update ( assuming I have phone connectivity which has been horrible lately).

      See you then!


    • Tom says:

      I should be in Norwich Saturday afternoon.


  3. Peter Cronin says:

    Tom: Would really love to see you while you are in Ithaca. I’ll be working mostly, so feel free to come by the Law School, or email me and let me know when we you have time to get together and where.


  4. Tom Carrington says:

    Tom, you should definitely audition for the next season of Mountain Men.


  5. atully17 says:

    Panzer!!! I am curious about the trail name. Thanks for including your birth give name in the post you left me. I do remember you! VT already. Woohoo. By the looks of your last picture posting I can tell you’ve been on trail. Burly beard! So glad to ‘hear’ from you. Thanks for checking in. This CDT thing has definitely challenged me in great ways…. Man oh man. But northbound I go!! You keep it up. Enjoy the reunion!! Hike Strong and Have Fun!! Taking it all in, Stride!


  6. Hoo wee, wicked hawt in Vermont hey, muggy too! Bugs botherin’ ya? You know the MA Macarena (slap, slap, wave, wave, heey Muggyrena!) Have fun at your reunion, Mountain Man!


    • Tom says:

      Hey Erika, bugs have not been too bad…yet. Hot weather last couple of days may have brought them out. We will see on Monday when I’m back on the trail.


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