Walking over the Pike

1 June 2014 (Day 89) – Many of my Massachusetts friends will recognize the A.T. Bridge over the Mass Pike in Lee, MA. I’ve driven under it 100’s of times and always thought about walking the trail. I finally managed to reverse the order and walk over the Pike. I was slightly emotional.

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3 Responses to Walking over the Pike

  1. Mark Keating says:

    Awesome. Been there many times. My dad grew up in Lee. They had a cabin on Greenwater Pond right near the trail.


  2. Marc Drake says:

    Good on ya, Tom. Driven under it a few times myself, although not as much as you or Judy. Enjoy Ithaca, far above Cayuga’ s waters.


  3. Kim says:

    You should be emotional. You’re making dreams come true and are inspiring lots of us.


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