Reunion Fun

7 June 2014 (Day 95) – Enjoying my time off the trail at my 25 year reunion. Reconnecting with my friends, checking out new campus buildings, and eating ice cream at the new Cornell Dairy. It was great to see Chris, Kurt, and Julie Perez; happy to report we all look and feel good. Beautiful weather.

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5 Responses to Reunion Fun

  1. Peter Cronin says:

    Really glad you took time out from the trail to come to Ithaca. I am glad you have had a good time. Thanks for stopping by to see me yesterday. Good luck on the rest of the trail. I’ll be following and remain jealous!


  2. Kate Pegan says:

    On the picture they were pretty close to you. That means you had a chance to take a shower. Looks like you will end your journey earlier than you planed. So you have time to turn back and complete the circle. You are gooooood.


  3. Shannon Gallivan Bol says:

    Great meeting you Tom. Hope your refueling plan was successful! Looking forward to following the rest of your journey.


  4. Kurt says:

    Great to see you brother! Hiking the AT will certainly make you “best memories” list. Reunion weekend with you and our old/new Cornellians will be on my list! My final blessing as you finish your adventure: May all your catholes be dug in virgin dirt!


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