Century Mark

12 June 2014 (Day 100) – Two milestones today. I’ve been hiking the A.T. for 100 days and I have less than 500 miles remaining. I had hoped to celebrate my century mark on Killington Mountain taking in the view while eating lunch. Alas, the weather had a different idea; the summit was clouded over. It has been raining for the last 3 days. My shoes and socks are soaking wet, the shelters are damp, and the trail is muddy. Overall, crappy hiking. The good news? No bugs! The weekend weather report is looking better.

Current Location: Killington, VT
Map Location:
Miles Hiked: 1698.9
Miles Remaining: 486.4

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4 Responses to Century Mark

  1. David Otto says:

    Tom –
    If you slept on Killington last night you are less than 40 miles from our house. It could be closer to 30 miles. Can we offer you some hospitality? A shower? A bed? You will walk right by the house? Unfortunately, we are leaving town for 10 days on Sunday. We will actually leave sometime after noon. Give a call or email if this works for you. David Otto, 261 Main Street, Norwich, VT (802) 649-8033. P.S. To remind you, we summer in Sprucewold.


  2. Jackie says:



  3. Chris Galante says:

    Looking at a map of Tuckerman’s Ravine, it appears to be a short distance off the AT on the SE side of Mt. Washington. From the map, at about 5600′ elevation as you climb Mt. Washington, there is a path that crosses the AT that takes you to Tuckerman’s. Maybe it’ll be posted? Story I read said that area averages 55 feet of snow a winter….nice…..don’t know why I walked that trail all those years ago….



  4. RIck Whewell says:

    The beard looks awesome, Tom.


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