13 down, one to go.

15 June 14 (Day 103) – Entered New Hampshire this morning. Second to last State on my hike but potentially the most difficult. The White Mountains will pose a challenge starting in 3 days. I am looking forward to climbing Mt. Washington and hiking the presidential range. Hopefully the weather is good and I will get some good views.

A big “Thank You” to Dave and Mary Otto of Norwich, VT. They let me dry out after 4 days of rain, fed me, let me clean up and get a good nights rest.

Took some time to walk around Hanover, NH and Dartmouth University this morning. Beautiful campus.

Current Location: Hanover, NH
Map Location:
Miles Hiked: 1743.2
Miles Remaining: 442.1

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3 Responses to 13 down, one to go.

  1. David Otto says:

    Dear Tom,
    You were a very easy and enjoyable guest to have. I’m glad this all worked out. Happy Trails. Look forward to seeing you in ME. David & Mary


  2. Laurie and Craig says:

    Hey Tom….. Craig and I are enjoying the blog. You are getting close to the finish
    line. Congrats to you!!! I bet you can’t wait to have a hearty meal at the Lobster


  3. John Dabs says:

    Super! Glad for friends old & new, certainly making all the difference… and adding to your trail experiences. I look forward to it some day. Best to you in the finishing!


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