24 June 2014 (Day 112) – I entered Maine today – the final State of 14. Woot! Maine has 281.5 miles of the A.T. I have to temper my excitement somewhat since few of these miles are considered easy. The southern half is punctuated by mountains similar to to White Mountains in New Hampshire. The northern half contains the 100 mile wilderness – a very remote section of Maine. Although fairly flat, the Trail though the HMW has multiple river crossings, bogs, roots, mosquitos, and ubiquitous piles of moose poop (no joke). I can’t wait.

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5 Responses to MAINE!

  1. Ron Smetek says:

    Congratulations, Tom! Excited that you’re almost done. As an aside, you’re looking really thin. When you’re back in DC, you and I are hitting the family-style menu at Maggiano’s and eating until one or both of us pass out. — Ron


  2. Steve Pearson says:

    Congrats !


  3. Anonymous says:



  4. Rob and Kriss Hunold says:

    Yay Tom!  Welcome “home”.  Can’t wait to see you — soon!  Be safe…



  5. Julie Perez says:

    Congratulations on reaching Maine! You’re on the home stretch. Enjoy every step.


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