Mahoosuc(k) Notch

25 June 2014 (Day 115) – Crazy days in Maine. Two days ago I traversed Maine’s Mahoosuc Notch and Mahoosuc Arm. The Notch is considered the hardest mile on the A.T. and the Arm is an extreme climb that immediately follows. The Notch is a ravine filled with huge boulders, fallen trees, ice (all year long), flowing water, and narrow caves. The path flows through, over, under, and around the obstacles. There’s many areas where one wrong step would end in disaster. To make things even more sporty, it rained on the day I hiked the Notch. It took me almost 2 hours to complete a single mile. I had fun for the first half but wanted out after that. The Mahoosuc Arm was not as technically difficult but long and steep.

Today was a beautiful, bluebird day. The view from Baldpate Peak at 8 AM was of fog filled valleys and mountain tops like green islands in a white sea.

The previous days view of the Rangeley Lakes was equally spectacular.

Current Location: Andover, ME
Miles Hiked: 1918.1
Miles Remaining: 267.2

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5 Responses to Mahoosuc(k) Notch

  1. kennedy wilson says:

    Truly awesome, Tom! So thankful for you sharing thos amazing hike with us. Maine looks spectacular.


  2. David Otto says:

    Tom- Thanks for keeping us up to date. It is hard to imagine getting through the Notch. But you are almost home. I don’t know when you will reach Katahdin, but we will be in Boothbay Harbor through July 6 and would love to see you if you make it there by then. David & Mary


  3. Anonymous says:

    Stay safe. Gorgeous pix.


  4. Carla "Prada" Akers says:

    I’m literally drooling over these pics! SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! Have really enjoyed following you on your hike and look forward to every post! Hike on trail brother!!!!!!


  5. Kaye says:

    This has been an incredible journey and I’m glad you have shared it with ‘us’! Truly amazing–all of it!


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