The Captains. Free Camping and a soda.

17 April 2014 (Day 44) – “The Captain’s” is a well known camping spot at mile 651.8 on the A.T. The Captain owns a nice property directly on a stream. He allows camping in his yard and there’s free sodas in the porch refrigerator (try the black cherry. Delicious). There are a few other rules. The best part, however, is how you get to his property. The Captain has installed a zip line across the creek to connect to the trail. Sit in the seat and pull yourself across. Even if you don’t tent on his property, it’s worth “swinging” by to say hello and drink a soda.

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2 Responses to The Captains. Free Camping and a soda.

  1. Mark Keating says:

    Tom – just sent in an email address of a friend who wants to follow you. We are going to backpack to Mt Leconte in a few weeks so Imwas telling him about your trek. Leonard Morgan.


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