Food, glorious food.

29 April 2014 (Day 56) – I’ve posted pictures of some of the glorious meals I’ve eaten along the trail. Those pictures are typically the exception to what I eat every day. Here’s what I eat 95% of the time.

BREAKFAST is typically oat meal with dried fruits, brown sugar, and coconut flakes; handfuls of trail mix; a supersize honey bun; candy and lots of water. I “cook” all my food in zip-lock bags by adding hot water from my camping stove.

LUNCH is tuna, cheese, sausage, peanut butter, Nutella, or chicken pieces wrapped in a tortilla. I add lots of mayonnaise for added fat. Handfuls of trail mix, candy, and chocolate round out the meal. A big “Thank You” to my friends Laura and Brian in Germany for sending me authentic dried German sausage. It added variety to my meals and tasted wonderful!

DINNER is ramen noodles or instant mashed potatoes mixed with cheese, sausage/pepperoni, pepper flakes, tuna and olive oil. Occasionally I treat myself to a pre made freeze dried meal. Handfuls of trail mix (again), tortillas, candy and a hot chocolate drink round out the meal.

I SNACK throughout the day on 2-3 snickers bars, trail mix (yet again), jelly beans, cheese, and lots of water.

This is what 3 days of food looks like before I pack it in my food bag.

I have lost 22 pounds on this hike so far. Its a losing battle trying to keep weight on my body. I’m burning 6000 Calories per day and I cannot carry enough food to make up for that daily loss. Hence, the gluttonous attempt to replenish calories at every town along the trail. After this hike, I will never eat trail mix again.

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2 Responses to Food, glorious food.

  1. André says:

    Another great post. Just a question. Do you reuse your freeze bags or do you carry extra for every meal? I haven’t tried reusing mine. I don’t know if they go bad from the first meal and if they will break if you reuse them…


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