Trail Magic

17 June 2014 – Trail Magic is an unexpected gift given along the A.T. It can be as simple as a container full of candy left beside the trail:

Fruit left at a rest area (the box of donuts was sealed when I got there):

A church offering a free pancake and bacon breakfast (no sermon attendance required):

Besides food, trail magic can be a ride offered into town, a patch of lawn to pitch your tent, or a hose to refill your water bottle. It’s abundant along the trail and most likely to come from people “giving back” from a previous gift they acquired.

On 14 June, myself and another hiker (Indiana) were traversing the White River bridge into West Hartford, VT. We had hiked the last 9 miles discussing what sandwiches, ice cream and soda we would eat at the Yellow Belly Deli in West Hartford. While we were on the bridge, a woman standing on a porch near the bridge rang a bell and called out “Would you like a soda?” We stated that we would but we were headed to the deli. “It’s been closed since March but I can cook you a meal. Come on in.” 10 minutes later we were in Linda Hart’s kitchen eating scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, and drinking root beer soda.

Linda and her family lost their house, garage and family van in hurricane Irene (2011); washed down the river while they watched from a hill above. Their house is only partially repaired and will be completed as funds are available.

Even though funds are tight, Linda and her family continue to provide trail magic to legions of hikers. Her son thru hiked in 2002 and she’s still giving back 12 years later.

There are many stories just like this along the trail. The A.T. is a magical place.

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3 Responses to Trail Magic

  1. Scott Fortier says:

    Kind of inspiring and the A.T. version of paying it forward, I guess. Friends of the trail Rock!


  2. Kim says:

    People are good.


  3. atully17 says:

    Oh, Trail Magic… what a gift, always. Thanks for continuing to check in. I am pumped you’re in the Whites. I was just talking about those yesterday to some folks on the CDT. They are beautiful. Southern Maine- well, all of Maine, in addition to NH, are unbelievably stunning…. in my opinion (for whatever that is worth!). I will be excited to hear your take on those last parts of the trail.

    Life on the CDT is still keeping me on my toes. SNOW dilemmas… lots of fear mongering happening so I must be guarded. Wise i decision making yet guarded from unnecessary strife. What a trail… shesh. 🙂

    Keeping hiking strong and having fun!!
    Taking It All In,


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