Whoa! Pies!

21 May 2014 (Day 78) – Rolled into Delaware Water Gap to the best bakery on the trail. Apple Pie Bakery has an awesome selection of baked goods and prepared foods. Their special is a $2.49 hot dog and slice of apple pie; two of which fit neatly in my stomach. I picked up a medium lemon meringue pie and chocolate chip cookies for later.

I’m thrilled to be leaving Pennsylvania tomorrow and entering New Jersey. I will replace countless rocks with the opportunity to eat at numerous delis. Good trade!

Current Location: Delaware Water Gap, PA
Map Location:
Miles Walked: 1289.6
Miles Remaining: 895.7

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9 Responses to Whoa! Pies!

  1. Nancy Morris says:

    Good for u Tom… I’d like to know where that bakery is..looks delicous!!!


  2. Nancy Morris says:

    Nice pies..I’d like to know the location by car..we travel 209 sometimes


  3. Peter Cronin says:

    Will remember this too. Drive through there regularly on the trip between Ithaca and NYC. Glad things are continuing to go well. Hope the weather clears a bit for you. Continuing best wishes and safe travels!


  4. Clancy says:

    Nothing like the AT to make some appreciate reaching New Jersey.


  5. Scott Fortier says:

    Keep eating. Tough part is coming up.


  6. Peter says:

    Definitely sounds like a good trade off. Birgit also says to say high to the Devils on the way through. 🙂


  7. Kurt says:

    Beautiful country there! Dropped many a quarter into the toll booth crossing the Delaware! You look to be on or ahead of schedule. I’m booked for reunion weekend. Get you signal flare lit for Galante!


  8. Chris Galante says:

    First package arrived….socks. Still waiting for the second one for reunion!! Keep on truckin!!!


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